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Bern is a fantastic place for performing research. Our institute offers an international environment, and is equipped with excellent infrastructure, especially with respect to microscopy. Furthermore, Bern’s exceptional location in the vicinity of the Alps and in the center of Europe allows for a high standard of living.

The Cellular Dynamics lab is always looking for highly motivated students and post-docs with an interest in spatio-temporal signaling of cell morphogenesis or fate decisions. For those interested to come with their own funding, we have previous (successful) experience with Marie-Curie and EMBO fellowships. If interested, please submit a CV, statement of research interest and names of 1-2 references in one pdf file to



Prof. Dr. Olivier Pertz

Institute of Cell Biology,
Baltzerstrasse 4,
3012 Bern,

+41 31 631 46 37

Our page on the university website: Pertz Lab